Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crocodille tears and blogging advertising jeers and cheers

I'm just finishing up Francine River's "The Atonement Child".

And mascara is dripping down my face.

This book needs a major mascara alert.

Friends this is an amazing book, but I will not lie to you. You will be bawling your eyes out as you go on this emotional journey with the main character. I would not read this while traveling on an airplane. You might freak people out.

I'm really going to try to finish it tonight because it is just that good.

Next up,

I've been pondering some comments that I have read on numerous blogs about people allowing advertising on their blogs whether it's through www.blogher.com or even google's program. And no I'm not doing that; I'm just opening this post up to your feedback on advertising. I have my opinion which I'm going to hold back on because I don't want you to feel persuaded. I'd love for everyone to comment. If it's easier to go by a discussion question then use this: "If you were offered to get paid for blogging by adding an advertisement column to your blog skin would you? Why or why not?

This outta be good and please remember this is just for fun...be kind!

See ya' tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I could handle that book right now;)

I would advertise for someone if I believed in the cause and it wasn't against any of my beliefs.
I say, why not.

I'm interested to hear why someone wouldn't want to.

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I should check out that book:)

I advertise, but its on the content of the page; things that are appropriate and interesting to the visitors.

Why wouldn't someone want to?

Heather said...

Haven't read that book yet. guess I'll have to check it out.

I haven't advertised yet but as long as the product doesn't go against my beliefs I might. could always use the extra $$. However, wet try to keep the blog to updates on us and the kiddos since we moved away from friends and family. So ... I wouldn't want the advertisements to run people off. If I could do it in a way that would not overtake my blog, I might.

V said...

I haven't formed an opinion on the ad thing yet...too new to the blog world. But I do have an opinion on Francine Rivers...she ROCKS! All of her books are amazing. If you haven't read Redeeming Love, read that one next. Then read the Mark of the Lion series...oh, the list just goes on. Francine is an amazing author. Make sure you read her testimony, too. She includes it in most of her books. It's pretty neat.

Tam said...

Hmmm...I hesitate to say no. But, no? Only because I wouldn't want an add to distract from some of the real deep topics I post from time to time. Is that selfish?

But how much do you get???