Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ads Part 2

Thank you all for your comments. I love hearing what you sweet ladies have to say. I menitoned in my previous post, in case you missed it, that I have stumbled across some negative comments on blog's where the owners have advertising columns. I was a little shocked to read such comments. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with advertising on your site, just as long as it is appropriate and tasteful. I think when you do advertise you have to take into the risk that you will have more feeds and so more strangers viewing your blog and you may want to be more cautious of what you say. I think it is an amazing opportunity that bloggers are being paid to blog. Many of the well-known bloggers even inform on their site that this income as allowed them to stay at home. More power to them. I think it's great that women have the ability to stay at home with their children and support their families doing something that enjoy.

A lot of the negative comments I've found have been on extremely popular mom blogs. I guess these reader's feel that what once was just a fun read is now basically a business (or maybe do we sense jealousy) of the advertisements. It's up to the individual as with anything I think you will find people for and against it.

For me, even though I feel there is nothing wrong with it, you will not see an advertising column up anytime soon.

UPDATE: Tam! brought up a good question, how much do you make. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I sort of dug around and found a calculator that ask you to punch in how many visits you have a month. Then you press calculate and it will tell you your estimated income. So if you have 5,000 hits you're looking at around $25 a month. I don't even know how to find out my hits a month, maybe 50...So I'd be making maybe a buck! :-) Anyone know anything about google's?

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V said...

I am willing to bet that you get more than 50 hits a month...I know I've been visiting your blog regularly for the past few weeks, so just my hits alone might add up to 10 plus. On wordpress, you can check your daily hits whenever you want.