Sunday, July 22, 2007


I love Sundays.

It's sort of the icing on the cake from the busy week you just conquered.

Our Sunday mornings are blessed with rounding up 6 year olds and in between comments of "Please sit down", "Don't pick your nose in church" and "Do you two need to be separated" we pump them up on God's word. Boy and I feel so blessed to get to serve these little people. I sometimes think that we learn more from them than they do from us. For example...

1. Abraham was born in a log cabin. (uh let's try the other Abraham)
2. Many of them can "tithe" their shoes (we're still working on the meaning of that one)
3. While Moses led the Israelites thru the desert he did comedy (boy I missed that verse in my bible)
4. Manna is also referred to as mayonaise (yum)

After church a nap is order.


Shelly said...

LOL!!! Manna and mayonnaise...whew!

mandy said...

i'm so thankful for people like y'all at our church... this past sunday we had a family of visitors ... and a little - oh - say - 6 year old boy... this little tow-head played with his daddy's keys (during the service) .... and talked (well, at full 6 year old loudness) .... and at one point i glanced over my shoulder and he was leaning OVER the pew in front of his family... with his head and hands on the butt-side of the pew and his FEET sticking UP 18 inches in the AIR OVER the pew backing!!!! oh my GOSH .... his dad was "trying" to get him down.....
about 3 minutes later one of our youth volunteers discreetly came up and walked the little one back to the nursery play rooms!
did i mention that his feet were sticking STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR!!???!

mandy said...

oh i came all the way over to say i'm also a big fan of John Ortberg...
and have you ever read any of Francine Rivers' stuff?

Little Steps Of Faith said...

aww! I loved that! Kids are adorable!

Thanks for sharing:)