Friday, July 20, 2007

Home Sweet Memories

I'm going to take a walk down memory lane today. Mary at Owlhaven has put a great POST together for all to reminisce.

We moved around a few times with my dad's job. So many of my childhood homes have very special meaning, but one in particular just screams true childhood. There was nothing fancy about this Kansas home on a cul-de-sac looking back at it, but it sure seemed like a castle to me full of space to spread out Barbies and build forts to hide in.

The outside was a dark red brick with a small patio off the front door. It was great for eating popsicles in the shade. There was no fence, so the sky's the limit to run and explore with all the neighborhood kids who we still love so dearly. On the inside it was wonderfully cozy, but can you say wallpaper? Wallpaper was all the rage and so I don't believe that there was one room in that house that wasn't glued up with some flower print. I remember asking my mom when we were transferred again and boxing everything up why she was not packing the comforter off their bed and she said the new owners had asked for it. It all makes sense now that the wallpaper was the opposite floral pattern of the bedspread. But still I always thought that was gross.

The kitchen full of beige fermica and laminate had a huge window and a built in desk and next to us was a huge cabinet pantry with pull out shelves. I lost a library book one time and about a year after my mom made me earn the money to replace it and apologize to the library for my 5 year old irresponsibility we found it one day while organizing. That's always how it happens isn't it?

The living room was right off of the kitchen and that is always where Santa worked his magic. He would leave a stocking full of trinkets and goodies and some umwrapped toys were miracously put together and laid out in front of the large fireplace. Christmas was so wonderful and innocent in this home.

Upstairs where 4 bedrooms, with one in the back all for me. It was painted pink with a border that matched my comforter, that matched my curtains, that matched the rug. It was a great collection from JcPenney's might I add, but it was my big kid decor from the graduated crayon bedding days and I loved it so. It was a great room with a window seat to sit on and a closet full of puffy dresses and overalls for school (I had an overall phase). I can smell the wonderful house scent now as I go back through it.

These are some great memories and I'm so thankful to get to write them down. Please comment if you do this so I can come visit you and take a tour.


Shelly said...

I LOVED puffy dresses. And I'm jealous that you got to have a window seat. I always wanted one!

Rebekah said...

Yeah, that would seem a little odd to request the bed spread. But those are great memories

Owlhaven said...

Thanks for sharing your memories!


kathy said...

How great that you had a window seat in your room.
Yes, wallpaper was all the rage! And all the pain-in-the butt to scrape off once the fad passed.
Strange about that comforter, though.

Thanks for sharing.