Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The day I realized I'm not in control

I'm going to direct you over to Shelly's blog
Her post though today reminded me of the first time I witnessed how in control God was. I have not shared this yet, but I am a truly a new believer! I so love saying that too! I was raised Catholic, and yes we worshiped God and walked in His word. However, there was a HUGE part missing to that. God was not a Father figure to me. I never could have dreamed that He could love me so unconditionally and it took me 18 years to find that LOVE!! Wow's an amazing love and trust isn't it? Just like that song goes..."I could sing of His love forever!!" Well know I truly can. I'll share later about becoming a teenage believer, but back to my story first.

After my senior year in high school, I was all set to attend a ginormous state school in their pre-law department. At the very last minute and I mean like a few weeks before I headed off something changed that. Well that something was God and only He can make incredible successful last minute change in lives!! I ended up being called to a small baptist college. Yep, baptist!! So I loaded up my rosary and holy water...just kidding bad joke. And set off for one wild ride in salvation. I was the ONLY catholic at this Baptist school and so surrounded by me were all these people lovin' on this intimate relationship with Jesus. I took a lot of grief for being Catholic...I won't lie. I was dumbfounded though and I will truly never forget the first time I realized He was in control and can make it happen. We were in chapel, which we had 3 times a week, and one kid stood up in front of thousands of people and shared his testimony. He also shared that he came to school with NO money and by God's grace random checks were being sent to his home for the amount of tuition he owed. It blew me away. How in the world...I kept trying to figure out the science of it...and finally I caved and said "It's you God...they are right only you can do it" It was such a light bulb moment and you can't reason or explain it. That is just the faith in it. I see that now. I get so many times people asking me if I missed out on His relationship going through some of the toughest moments of my life. And I always answer yes...but y'all it is so cool to have these God moments so fresh and so new. I don't know if I'd change a second of it.


mandy said...

hope you have one of those "God moments" in your comfy white chair tomorrow.
thanks for the comment.... and i can't wait to see who responds to your question!

Shelly said...

You sweet girl...This was such a tender expression of your love for Him. (Confession...I laughed at the 'bad joke' - it just caught me off guard!).

I LOVE that He brought you to another school last minute so He could woo you unto Himself. He is clearly so in love with you.

I praise Him for your new life!!!