Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pug Fest 2007

Have I mentioned I'm blonde? Ughh. I hate to use it as a cop out, but seriously y'all I forgot my login. Good night. It's either the blondeness or I'm getting old.

Well we have a houseguest. A baby girl pug named Mia...well her real name is not Mia but her name is so stinking long it takes me 5 minutes to say it (or remember it) so I changed it for the week. No worries though I don't even think she knew it in the first place. Pug is not sure what to think. When Mia arrived she sat by the front door with a look of horror that her owners had ditched her. She's nested in fine and that means sitting on Pugs sofa, eating Pugs treats and playing with Pugs toys. Pug + Sharing = NOT HAPPENING! If Mia comes and sits in my lap within 2 seconds Pug is right there pushing her away. Before her arrival he never wanted to be in anyone's lap! But friends the snorting is terribly annoying. They never stop snorting. It's so loud I keep having to turn up the tv just to hear my self think. But praise God for 2 sleeping baby pugs and finally the return of my hearing. I promise to post pics tomorrow.

Has anyone seen "Don't forget the Lyrics" on tv? It is such a blast if your music fans like boy and I. We can't sing for our lives, but do love trying. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to play around with a little blogging twist so come blog sing with me in the next 24 hours (and practice up on your worship lyrics).

P.S. If anyone can share with me the best way to make a clip, do share before I pull all my blonde out!


Little Steps Of Faith said...

I don't have a pug, I have a schawzer, His name is Augie. He is the cutest, and such a spoiled one lol.

Do you notice how they are just like children?

They start out taking out one toy, you turn around, and then there are like 10!

He just came in the room giving me the, " What are you doing, why aren't you playing with me?"

So I better get off of here now, or my laptop will be a toy lol(he stole my cel phone a couple weeks ago)

That is very awesome about your teacher!


Shelly said...

So sorry for all the pug melodies... :)

And I haven't seen that show yet, but I want to!