Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Note to the Pug

Dear Sweet and Fluffy Pug,

I just had to write and thank you so terribly much that after you had a violent spell of #2 you felt the need to grab a sock from the laundry and put it on top to somewhat hide your mess from me this morning. You are way too stinking smart for a dog and as very generous as that was of you it then left me to clean one more thing you destroyed.

With Love,


Shelly said...

LOL! That face is too adorable. And probably keeps him from getting the full 'spankin' he deserves :)

vanessa said...

Oh my goodness...funny pug.
I see from your blog below that you indeed really are a HARDCORE Big Brother fan! I love it, too. I have to admit, I was wondering if you subscribed to the feed...hahaha...was glad to see you don't. :)
Good to hear from you...and got your letter in the mail. ;) Thanks, girl!

mandy said...

thanks for visiting Carole's blog-- what a blessing you are!