Monday, July 9, 2007

deodorant drama

This is a special anniversary shout out to some dear special friends of ours who after the inccident I'm about to tell you all have graciously remained friends to us. God Bless them! My husband actually grew up with her and come to find out for the first time last night while watching "My Best Friend's Wedding" with Julia Roberts the two of them actually made that dorky pack that if they both weren't married by 28 they'd marry each other.
I almost died laughing on the floor for 2 reasons:
1. that they made that pack
2. my husband watched that girly movie as a teen!
Anyway...back to my story...God graciously saved her from marrying boy and found the most precious man and 3 years ago today they married.

At the time boy and I were still dating (he actually proposed a week after their wedding) and were able to be at their beautifuly ceremony of I Do's. Now check your calendar...which month are we in? Yes, July. July is not the month to have a wedding in Texas much less outdoors. That's right outdoors. It probably would have been cooler to set me on fire.

So we arrive, me in a sleeveless dress, I did think about a bathing suit but since they I knew their would be no dancing for religious purposes I felt a bikini would not go over well with the family. It was a gorgeous ceremony and as we all mingled with lemonade and cake after the reception we went up to give the bride & groom a hug.

I hugged my sweet friend in her beautiful white gown and then leaned in to hug the groom in black with one of those side hugs. You know the ones with one arm where your pit is all over their side. Know if you haven't seen what's coming let me give you a hint heat + sweat= deodorant melting. Yep I totally ruined his tuxedo with my hug. He was COVERED in white goop from my smelly pit!! I was mortified. If I didn't have heels on I would have sprinted for the nearest exit. I quickly began wipping this poor groom down grasping for napkins and water galore. PRAISE GOD the gunk got off and the tux was not ruined nor the evening.

I did however spend the night waving instead of hugging.

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