Saturday, July 7, 2007


Well, I have to say that for us DFW folks this has been on of the first days in awhile where is hasn't been pouring. I took advantage of the day by getting out and enjoying running errands without an umbrella in hand. I headed to Michael's for a quick trip to get some supplies for a project. I even ventured down the knitting section only to be somewhat intimidated. Sarah at In the Midst of It has inspired me with her craftiness to begin a to knit... something I have always wanted to take on, but kept putting off. I decided to just order a book off of Barnes & Noble with a gift card instead.

The off to the grocery store for my least favorite activity grocery shopping. Although to my surprise the store was having 10% off a bag you filled with frozen foods. So like teturis I gracefully placed so frozen veggies, bread, and ice cream into my bag sparing no room.

Driving home from my domestic adventures my heart leaped with joy to find a woman selling Gucci, Tiffany, Coach and Louie items. They looked oh so real and for the price I doubt they are real, but I couldn't resist a look. And then $15 later I walked away with this great find!! $15 dollars folks.

And with that I am beginning to prepare for our lesson in Sunday school tomorrow on contentment. I really do set a fine example don't I with my necklace?

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Shelly said...

lol...I love the bracelet :)

I hopped over here off of Mandy's blog - I think?? Or one of her buddies in this great blogging world :)