Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Late

I've been having quite a bit of insomnia for the past few weeks. No idea why...I've just been using it to my advantage to catch up on laundry, reorganize my office, and watch people try to sell pure junk on t.v. Rule of thumb...if they never mention in the 30 minute infomerical what it is that you will be doing to make you $100,000 in your first month...then it's either a scam or something you probably should not get into in the first place.

Tonight though I got rather domestic. I even sort of scared myself. On my way to the grocery store I made a stop for a craft shop and picked me up some knitting supplies. Knitting to me is like a dying art. My grandmother always knitted and I told myself one day I would learn too. Well that day came today. I checked out with my "How to Knit for Dummies" and a giant roll of yarn and headed home. After making a fabulous dinner I was feeling pretty crafty and so I picked up the book and dove into Knitting 101...yeah my first lesson. I felt for sure I'd have a blanket busted out in no time. Needless to say...their is no blanket! Nor was it the "Little House on the Praire" seen I have envisioned. What really endured was 2 hours of pure frustration ending with yarn spewed and thrown across the living room and one angry girl yelling "I QUIT". Boy came down to see the show and ended up walking away with knitting needles that he says will make great chopsticks the next we order in Chinese food.

The whole bummer of it is now I need a plan b for christmas gifts as I had pictured everyone jumping for joy when they opened up their new handmade ponchos.

And then when all else fails you can use your kit to make cool yarn people. (sorry you have to tilt your head to view)


Shelly said...

LOL. Cute 'yarn person.' I would've joined you in the frustration girl!

Thank you for the sweet comment ...

mandy said...