Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spoiled "Flamboyant" Pug

Any suggestions on keeping your dog off the dining room table. On numerous occassions he has gotten stuck and can't get back down. So I laugh and take pictures of him!

Look what pug got for his B-day! A squeaky Chewy Vuitton and a cup of Barks Coffee! He's stylin' now. Boy was not pleased that I bought his "tough" male dog a purse and has tried to dispose of it! It's so stinkin funny when he runs around the house with it. Ha!


mandy said...

thanks for coming over to my blog! i LOVE your pug pics... reminds me of my aunt's pug - he has MAJOR sinus problems... and snores like a 70 yr old man.
about bubba, well it wasn't technically his real name.... sigh: but EVERYONE called him that. i mean, it was probably on his driver's license! and it might've been how he was listed in the year book as well! but, he was the CUTEST guy on campus, if that counts for anything. :)

Shelly said...

I cannot get over his new birthday toys!!! LOL.

I didn't even know they made such!!? lol