Sunday, July 1, 2007

4 more days...

Boy and I have a confession...we are HUGE Big Brother fans! I actually started the trend before I met him beginning with Season 2 and sucked him into it so that together for 2 months we become glued to the t.v. The obsession is so bad that on our wedding day, I made him double check to make sure that TiVo was recording it so not to miss romantic huh? If you are unfamiliar with the show, it's on CBS Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays and basically consists of a bunch of people stuck in a house for 60 days, they vote 1 person off each week and there are crazy twists in the midst of it. Exciting huh? Now we know we are not the only ones this crazy. My parents dig it, one of my best friends from college and our cousins too. So there are 7 losers walking around in Texas talking about this Emmy worthy show. So just far warning...there will be much more Big Brother chat to follow!

**UPDATE** No we have never subscribed to the online 24 hour viewing...we're crazy, but not that crazy.

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