Saturday, June 30, 2007

the hunt for a red chair

We have been in our home for over a year now and it has taken me just that long to decide how to decorate it. I knew I wanted something comfortable, cozy and chic but had no idea where to begin. My hunt ended the other day when I was looking up B & B's for a trip next year to Nantucket and I found this AMAZING piece of paradise with a room to flip for. Here is the LINK. I just totally fell in love with the simplicity of the rooms, but I already have the white bedding and black furniture so there is not much more to get. Yep, you heard me right we have WHITE bedding. People always gasp for some reason when they find out we have white linens, but I love them and they really are not that impossible to keep clean (just DON'T sleep on them) just kidding. When I wash them I wash them in regular detergent and a little bleach and they come out as good as new and they are so heavenly to sleep on it's worth the purchase of bleach. We also don't have kids so that's helps too. When we got married I had a wooden sleigh bed painted black and then sanded to give an aged look along with the armoire. The room didn't look bad I just knew that I needed a pop of color to complete and a couple accent pieces. I tried sage, but it just didn't do it for me. I tried a baby blue, but it washed out with the white. I can't believe I had never thought of red. So, my mind is made up and just a few more things to complete our little piece of Nantucket right here in Texas. I began by compiling my shopping/wish list which starts with a red chair. Now I know I can head over to Pottery Barn and get an adorable red chair, but I can't quite swallow the lump sum that could instead go to something more useful i.e. food. So plan B. I head to the Antique Mall today, which is always such a treat. I could spend all day going up and down the aisles of trinkets n' treasures, but today no red chair in sight. Instead I came away with a few accessories for the was still a fun trip, but very discouraging. So I gave up for the day headed to Target for some instant gradification of large frames and Half Price book for another book to add to my summer list. I am now beginning my internet search for the perfect red chair. I know I have few visitors, but if you have seen a red chair, please do point me in the direction.

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