Thursday, February 6, 2014

some randomness

1.  it's cold and snowy here today.  i'm so ready for some sunny spring days.  i know this guy is.  stylin' in his babiators.

2. early this week i was fighting a sinus infection and of course it happens to fall right when boy is heading out of town on a business trip.  declan was sniffling for a day and over all pretty tired so we took it easy.  maybe too easy.  let's list off the major mom fails in this picture.  thanksgiving bib check.  reindeer pjs in february check and maternity boppy still on my bed check.  yeah that last ones a sore subject in our marriage (i can't part with it's awesomeness).

3. i just finished "the silent wife" by asa harrison.  so disappointed.  i'd heard if you like "gone girl" this one's even better.  so not true in my opinion and i hate to speak ill of a read.  sadly, my choice in reads has been off lately.

4. speaking of books...we headed into the city last week for a doctor's appointment for declan at cooks.  i had visions of hitting up barnes and noble then grabbing a bite at panera with my little man.  sadly, i forgot they just closed that barnes and noble.  makes me so sad i love to wander around barnes and noble.  save the bookstores.  so we hit up panera and mama ate her grief in carbs.

5. baby up.  that's my cue.  later.


Aubs said... little man is precious! so so so precious!! and how in the world is he already 6 months old??!! Slow down buddy! =) Hope you're enjoying some extra snuggles in that icky cold weather!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Babiators?!?!??! Oh my gosh!!!!!!

ThePoeFam said...

Check out my blog! :) I think you'll be happy!

Kitty+Coco said...

You are cracking me up with your fails. I too used a Christmas bib just last week. Those Babiators are awesome too! Our hu-brother Max got some cool sunglasses for Christmas too, but he rips them off every time. Boo. Wanted to give you and FYI that Target has pug themed sippy cups/placemats/plates on clearance for Valentines day for the kidlets.

Kitty and Coco