Sunday, February 23, 2014

seven months

dear declan,

this past we have really seen your little personality come to life.  some days i see more of a little boy than a baby as you carry on a babbling conversation with us or even just yourself.  we've found that you're ridiculously ticklish and your daddy and i cannot get enough of that precious belly laugh.  you love to hand out smiles and i'm afraid you already know how to work a room when you go from full on crocodile tears to a smile in seconds.  it's quite the talent sweet boy. 

you're up to size 3 diapers and depending on the outfit are wearing 3-6 to 6-9 month clothes.  we've been discovering the world of solids with you.  i'm afraid you're not a huge fan of the greens, but when i busted out some sweet potatoes last week you found your love.  still not much of a napper, but you sleep through the night so i'm not complaining (well some days i do).  daddy is working so hard on crawling with you.  i still think you may just skip the crawling and go straight to walking.  you just don't seem that interested with the whole crawling business.

the highlight of this past month is you said "mama" the day before valentine's day.  you had just woken up and we were playing in our bed and i said "mama" and you looked at me repeated it and smiled so big.  the sweetest sound this mama has ever heard.  thank you for that valentine's gift.  you're also so fascinated by the pugs lately, sadly not sure that feeling is mutual.  pug had a real glimpse into the days ahead this month when you grabbed his curly tail and tried to put it in his mouth.  we've heard about it for days from him.

sweet boy i'm soaking up every minute with you.  even the tough days.  the ones where you're teething and want to do nothing more than cry and i don't get a shower in that day and it's take out for dinner.  i'm so thankful for God's grace is in those days. and as we sit there and rock and cry i'm reminded that one day i'll long for even these days too.



Rebecca Jo said...

Those eyes!!!!!

Payton's mom said...

Thank you for sharing these personal letters. Touches my heart. Hope the pugs come around. ;-)