Thursday, January 9, 2014

happy belated new year

Yeah so my kid's new year's resolution is apparently to stay up all night (happy belated new year by the way!!). Goodness, this mama has been running on nothing.  Thankfully, last night was so much better so I'm hoping I don't have to dust off that baby sleep book that I failed to finish a few months ago.  In fact I think I read like two pages before it put me to was that riveting.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!   A little Christmas recap...Declan's first Christmas was flat out amazing.  Just seeing him take it all in was just the best.  I know he won't remember his first Christmas, but I will remember for him as long as I live.  That night when boy climbed into bed he goes "this was the best day".  I couldn't agree more.

Little man and his two favorite gifts...his car and his pooh bear!

I have to tell you that car is not one of the pugs favorite things.  Just when they're getting used to him taking all the attention, now they're going wait he's mobile??  What up with that?

We've already had a few pug collisions in the kitchen.

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Rebecca Jo said...

That car is DA BOMB!! Cruising in style!!! :)