Tuesday, December 31, 2013

::five months::

dear declan,

your mama is a little behind on celebrating your 5th month with the craziness of the holidays and soaking up every minute of it, so forgive me.  you are growing so fast and it seems like every day you've got a new trick to show us.  daddy and i love you more than words.  even our date nights out to eat seem to be us just sitting at a restaurant talking about how awesome you are.

you had your first taste of rice cereal this month and at first you made such awful faces like you couldn't believe we would feed you this stuff, but the more we've worked on it the more you seem to dig it.  we pulled out the stage 2 diapers and are now in all 3-6 month clothes.  you absolutely love bath time as you kick and splash like crazy.  i think you are really going to love swimming this summer.  you still love sitting in your bumbo and checking out what's going on.  if you grab something it's going in your mouth.  people's fingers, toys, you name it you're munching on it.  which brings your latest milestone, teething.  you don't have any yet, but i don't think it will be too much longer.

we celebrated your first thanksgiving this month and you loved being the center of attention.  you're fascinated with all the Christmas decorations up and the pretty lights.  you're giggling so much more and it just melts my heart every time i hear it.  you're sleeping so good at night and also getting into more of a routine of napping during the day.  the evenings are a bit challenging from about 6-8 pm where you just fuss, but eventually you'll settle down and sleep like a baby.  we found you prefer sleeping on your belly, so with dr's permission we've been doing just that and go figure life changing for everyone.

we love you so much little man.  you bring more joy and sweetness into our days then you will ever know.


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