Monday, December 16, 2013

breakfast with santa

Goodness I have a lot of blog catching up to do...hopefully I can do some serious updating.

This weekend we had our First Breakfast with Santa at the country club.  Funny story the original Santa moved away last minute and so prepubescent Santa filled in.  Seriously, not sure if this Santa could vote yet.  But we still had lots of fun and a breakfast filled with biscuits and gravy so who can complain.

Mama, Declan and the Doogie Howser funny!

Declan did great and wasn't phased at all...he looks bored with Santa in this one.  He also had no clue what was going on so next year should be much more interesting.  I'm also obsessed with baby Christmas outfits...he's sporting his reindeer hat and reindeer booties for Santa.  I'm loving the cuteness while I can.

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Rebecca Jo said...

Holy Baby Santa Batman! Didn't they have any sort of man with real facial hair that could put on the beard?

Look at your baby :)