Thursday, December 5, 2013

"baby, it's cold outside"

So, yesterday it was in the 80's.

And today it's in the 30's.

Welcome to Texas weather. 

I'm sure I've made it known before that I'm not a fan of winter weather.  Give me my flip flops and my sunshine any day.  We lived in Chicago for a few years and I feel those couple years gave me my share of winter weather for a was brutal.  I still have nightmares of standing outside in 4 feet of snow waiting for the bus to pick me up.  I remember our first winter in Texas and they called off school for bad weather one morning because of some flurries and so my mom and I headed to the mall.  A light snow was nothing for us.  Now some 15 years later and any word of bad weather and I'm hibernating with the rest of my fellow Texans.

Notice my kid's not a winter fan either.  Kind of reminds me of the younger brother from "A Christmas Story" heading off to school.

So, we'll be hanging out indoors for the next few days staying warm and snuggling with a few pugs.

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Rebecca Jo Vincent said...

Oh my word... a crying baby in a snow suit is now my favorite thing! :)