Monday, February 25, 2013

the courtyard

We're finishing up our final days in our love shack rental. Construction on the new house is just about done and hopefully we can close later next week. I'm anxious to finally be home and to also be reunited with all our stuff that's been hidden in boxes for the last year. Remind me not to move ever again! Of course just when pug is getting the feel for things around here we're going to have to rock his world again. On our rental we have this awesome courtyard in the front entrance and both pugs have loved roaming around and soaking up some sun on the warmer days. The courtyard also faces a golf course and pug has really taken to barking out his thoughts on the golfer's game as they tee up. I snapped a few shots of them enjoying a spring like day.

Landry in deep thought.

Getting a little pedicure in.

Mr. Curious making his rounds.

It's chilly today, so hopefully spring will come back and stay next time.


Aubs said...

they are so cute!! so excited for you to be able to move into the new house and get settled!! i'm with you on the whole moving thing...its no fun!! i'm very much looking forward to the day when we can settle down and not have to move again!! =)

Payton's mom said...

Moving is stressful, huh? But worth it most times. The pugs are so cute in the sun!