Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the bachelor with a side of insane

I'm so weak.  I used to blog Monday nights recapping the Bachelor many moons ago, but then I went through a phase where I felt like I might loose it if I heard someone say "Will you except this rose?" one more time.

So I took a break.

But then I caved last year and watched Emily's season and cried of disappointment at the end and once again threw my hands up in defeat swearing never again will I watch Chris's promises of the "most dramatic rose ceremony yet".

Fast forward to 2013 where so far, just this week, I've already wasted 4 hours of my life on a relationship that will be over in 3 US Weekly front covers.

But I can't turn away.  I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy hormones.  I'm not going to go back to blogging regularly about all the drama, but today I feel we need to talk about some changes I've noticed recently on the Bachelor that have me quite concerned.

1. I feel the title should be renamed to The Bachelor: Extreme Sports Edition.  My word whatever happen to the good ole days of a nice limo ride out to the vineyards for a wine tasting followed by dinner.  Must these poor women sustain this dare devil torture.  There's been the roller derby, the jumping in frigid water, rock climbing, and jumping off buildings.  I would have been second thinking renewing a membership on at the thought of jumping off a building.  I mean he's good looking, but is he that good looking?

2.  The medics on this season are becoming regulars aren't they?  I think a requirement for the Bachelor now besides being single is you have to have awesome health insurance to sign up.

3.  I'm convinced they need to be doing psych evaluations on some of these women.  Or actually just one of these women in particular.

4. And why must my favorites go home.  I really liked Sarah and that was such a painful goodbye to watch.  I wish he could have given her a better reason of why.

So, there I feel better hashing this out.  Any thoughts or favorites on this season?  I say I won't tune in next week, but who am I kidding I will. 


Aubs said...

oh my gosh!! love that you are watching!!

that certain girl that needed more psych testing?? driving me CRAZY!!

and yes...the dates this season ARE rough! and lets not forget the goats milk...gag...what in the world??! i might be crazy but i think the polar bear plunge and rock climbing would be fun, but not for like early on dates!!

i feel like he has a handfull of great girls this time. usually by now i really have 1 or 2 for sure faves but i really like desiree, lindsey, catherine & ashlee! and 3 of them are going to get their little hearts broken...:(

Rebecca Jo said...

I would just say, take my rose & throw it away, if they made me do all these physical things. Especially the rock climbing.

I wouldnt want this guy looking up seeing my butt while I was struggling to chug up a rock. NO thank you!

& they need that one mental case every year. They saw how much attention Courtney had in that season, so its a must to have a wacko chic that guys feel sorry for.

Please Jesus let her go soon....

I was so sad to see Selma go though. She was beautiful & witty... & looked amazing in a yellow dress :) ... & loved to whisper :) haha!

Lia Joy said...

Tierra is certifiably crazy. And I agree about the extreme sports theme. Kinda ridiculous.

I like Desiree, Lesley and Catherine. Those are my top 3 right now.