Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a pouting pug

Pug's in desperate need of a xanax and with all his wimpering so am I.  I was really nervous about moving pug from his home.  He's not a fan of change and as his eyesight has worsened his anxiety level has risen because he has a hard time seeing things in front of him.  Bless his heart, this pug mama is trying it all.  I think it may just take time.  Anyone have any experience with having a pet having a hard time with a move?  I don't have the heart to tell him we get to do this again in a few more months.

We had my parents take the pug's before the movers came, but pug was on us sensing something was up.  Then we didn't bring them to the rental until it was all set up.  Landry was a champ at the move.  He was phased for all of two minutes before he spotted his blanket on the sofa and then curled up and went to sleep.  All the while pug began his whimpering and pacing.  He loves being at my parents so I hope that helps.  In the meantime he's too ticked to even pose for me.  Goodness he is a drama pug!

On a totally random note has anyone had any problems with their iPhone camera freezing up when you try and take a picture?  I know very off topic, but someone could save me a call to apple.


Lia Joy said...

Poor pug! I don't deal well with change either!

As for your iphone, have you tried a hard reset (holding down the lock button and home button at the same time)? My husband thinks thats the answer to all iphone problems. If that doesn't help, I have no clue.

Payton's mom said...

Aww, sweet pug. He just needs time, and lots of treats. ;-)

Lauren said...

Sweet thing!!!!

melhuff said...

I've been very lucky to have a very easy going pug that doesn't mind moving. Which is good, because i've moved about 4 times since getting him. But each time I move, I try to really pamper him. Maybe give an extra few treats while I unpack and a walk around the new neighborhood just me and him. Maybe even get him a new bed or bone for the new place to associate something good with the new smells and feel of the place. While unpacking, keep talking to him and give him lots of love. Sometimes that will ease the anxiety and reassure him nothings changing, just the place where he sleeps. I know it sounds lame but they really are big babies when it comes to change. It's all about associating it with good things to train their brain that everything is ok.