Monday, November 12, 2012

a big weekend

I should add to that title...and exhaustive too.  Well friends, we made it to the finish line of house selling 101 on Friday and officially closed.  Although I'm thrilled to be done with all the showings and mess of selling, it was a lot harder to say goodbye and hand over the keys than we prepared ourselves for.   Lots of ugly tears leaving that home and our neighbors.

But, now we're moving forward.  We'll start the building of our new house this month and in the meantime we have rented a little place super close to my parents.  It's a little like Everybody Loves Raymond, but without the brother.  So far we are loving it!  I can't even begin to tell you what a huge blessing this is to have them so close, especially for the holidays!   So, Friday afternoon after closing the movers came and we loaded everything up and headed to the new place.  We're so grateful for our parents because in theory moving always looks so easy and then you start and it's the worst mess ever.  We spent the weekend unpacking and trying to make this place feel like home.  Last month I had this scribbled on my chalkboard and the next day we we're under contract so I do believe it's a perfect reminder!

The internet and cable man just left and so I'm extra excited because I have a lot of tv and blog catching up to do while I unpack.  I did hit my big goal for Monday and that was to get rid of all the boxes in the kitchen.  It's a lot more fun unpacking than packing!


Payton's mom said...

Congrats! And whew! I'm tired for you...moving IS hard work.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm so lazy - I'd live out of my boxes & not unpack so I wouldnt have to pack again :)