Friday, March 16, 2012

a few things

1. It's March Madness my friends.  Could not be more excited!!  Hopefully KU can make it a little farther this year than last.  Rock Chalk my fellow jayhawkers!

2. I nearly passed out in Target the other day.  I'd like to be dramatic and say it was from the ADORABLE new curtains they're offering, but truthfully I think it was more because it was lunchtime and this girl was starving.  How awesome are these curtains!  I'll take one of each please and the shower curtain at the bottom too pretty please.

i wish this last one was a window panel.
images via target

3. Pug's favorite day came this week.  Food delivery!!  It's the highlight of his life and of course he's got to check out the goods.  Our pug rescue got me hooked on this all natural dog food  right before we adopted Landry and they both love it.  So much better than the fast food dog food I was guilty of feeding them and the company is super sweet.  Oh and they delivery for free...can't beat not attempting to load up 40 lbs of dog food in a shopping cart while the whole store watches.

 Off to enjoy the weekend and some amazing weather!  Have a good one.


Payton said...

My mom goes gaga at Target every time she's there. And I don't blame pug one bit, food delivery would be a huge highlight for me too! Enjoy the weekend.

Lulu Louise said...

Oooh, look at all that food! Good for you, little pug!


Maggie said...

Love those curtains! So cute. Target is a dangerous place for me.

Love the pug and the food :) Precious

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man... I feel like an idiot trying to ROLL a 40 lb bag in my car out of the basket... that stuff is more then 40 lbs, I dont care what they say :)