Thursday, March 29, 2012

add it to my tab

this has been my husband's phrase for the past week.  oh how i love this man!

please forgive my blog absence.  the last few weeks have tested every ounce of faith and patience in me. my hubby developed a cough about a month after he had sinus surgery last year.  he also suffers from asthma so he's under regular treatment with his allergist and ent.  but this darn cough kept getting worse and we seeked anyone who would listen over the months.  so the past week it all kind of fell down at once...

two upper endoscopys (yes his and hers...not done on the same day thankfully but one thursday and one friday)

a trip after boy's endoscopy to the radiologist for a chest x-ray.

finding out boy has a partially collapsed lung.

throw in a wife that probably ticked off many a doctor trying to get someone to get answers.

finding out crying helps speed that along.

a ct scan.

a hubby that keeps getting weaker.

resulting in a trip to the er.

being admitted right away.

then a bronchoscopy to remove the blockage in his lung that had caused the deflation.

praising the Lord.

and finally coming home today.

i'm so unbelievably thankful to have him with me at home.  this is one of life's moments that brings you to your knees, but what a blessing it has been to have those around us lifting us back up.  my parent's rushed over immediately and swept in and did everything and anything for us and the pugs.  and his nurse's we're beyond amazing.  i cried i think at every rotation because it was so hard to say good-bye.

i'm hoping this chair and i never meet again.

i'll blog in more detail later.  my apologizes if you've been one of the many e-mails sitting in my inbox.  i promise to get around to that later.  in the meantime, i'm going to wash the hospital smell off me, reunite with sleep and love on some attention needy pugs too.


Lulu Louise said...

Hi Girl,
I'm new to your blog, and am very happy to hear that Boy is doing better, but sorry you had to go through the ordeal!
Doggy hugs to you humans and the pugs,

Maggie said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry to hear all of this, but so thankful that he's back at home!

hugs to you, the boy and the pugs :) love you!

Ashley said...

oH Geez, you have been living a hectic life lately, but I am glad he is okay!!! At least they have figured out and fixed the problem!!! Praying for a speedy recovery!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY!!!!! That sounds all so overwhelming!!! But sounds like everything is back on track!!! praying for life to calm down for you BOTH now!

tessie said...

How frightening!. You NEED to be your own advocate in hospitals and doctor's offices. You know best-not them Fight when you aren't being heard-go to the head of the department, anyone. I have been there and now know to push for what you feel needs to be done. DO NOT LET DOCTORS INTIMIDATE YOU! I am so glad that all is on the mend. Sorry for the 'yelling', but it breaks my heart when I hear of someone not getting the proper treatment quickly enough. Cindy