Sunday, November 6, 2011

thankfully thankful

i know so many bloggers, including this one, are posting each day throughout the month of november blogging something you're thankful for.  i love the idea and really wanted to join in.  only problem i'm a little behind.  so if it's alright i'm going to be a little fashionably late to the party.  also knowing me i wouldn't expect a whole lot of deep and thoughtful thankfulness.  y'all know i can't be that serious for an entire month.

so here we go:

today i am so unbelievably thankful for daylights saving time.  such a joyful moment when i rolled over looked at the clock and was reminded that it's lying and i get one more hour of sleep. 


Payton said...

Amen! We love the extra hour of sleep too!

Rebecca Jo said...

Its very tres chic to be fashionably late ;)

OHHHH my... I sucked up every minute of that hour with sound sleep! :)

The Bonjour Four said...

amen sister! it was nice. noah actually slept in a little too!