Wednesday, November 2, 2011

some randomness

1. my favorite trick-or-treater was the little one that after i placed the candy in his bucket, then sat down right on our doorstep to check out and announce his treat.  purely precious and happy to report he was pleased with what we handed out.

2. big daddy, aka my dad, joined the iPhone world recently.  he refused for quite sometime, and now we're regretting all the convincing we did.  we created an apple addict.  also, we learned that he cannot operate his iPhone while driving a golf cart.   sadly, my mom had to find that one out.

3. how funny is this in the latest wisteria catalog?  can it be used for pugs and husbands?

4. right before "homeland" premiered i told boy i think this might be a series we wished we waited for the whole thing to end and then watch on dvd.  oh, how i wish i wasn't right.  such a great and suspenseful show.

5. prepare your tivos...hallmark channel starts their christmas movies this weekend.  we're going to be so loaded up on christmas cheer by thanksgiving we won't know what to do with ourselves.


Kristin said...

I love all those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies! They drive my hubby CRAZY!!! He absolutely refuses to watch them so I cuddle up in my pjs with a cozy blanket and hot chocolate :)

Payton said...

Funny, but I think we had the same trick-or-treater, but ours wasn't happy with his candy. He wanted a sucker, but all we had was chocolate. Oh, well!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man... cue up a spot on a couch & tissue next to it for the Hallmark channel... love those sappy movies!