Tuesday, September 6, 2011

girl's guide to hunting part 2

Y'all, it's hunting season time again!!  I know this because 1. my husband has reminded me every day for the last month that it's the 1st weekend of September, 2. because my husband has asked me multiple times if I was as excited as he was about dove season beginning the 1st weekend of September, 3. because my dad has called to discuss the wonder and excitement of the 2011 hunting season as well.

Only if the Gap came knocking on my front door with a truck full of free loot could I get as excited as those two.

I'm thrilled to report back that it was a great weekend, despite the drought, and most importantly that I can update my "girl's guide to hunting" so here we go.  Here's a link to the first volume if you want to catch up.

You know you're married to a hunter when...

1. you can zone out and still pretend to look interested at stories about dove meat, deer blinds and how you got a feeder working.

2. you get so tired of hearing about your husband and dad talk about a sale on tripods that you run out and pick them up yourself from Cabela's when their swamped.

3. you haul out said tripods to the front of the store by yourself all while taking a picture to use later to remind them how much they owe you.

4. you've organized the hunting gear into bins using your label maker.

5. and you no longer gag when doing his laundry from the long hunting weekend.

Here's where all the hunting fun happens.  These were all taken in the spring when it's nice and pretty on the land.

Happy hunting season to my fellow hunter's wives!


Anonymous said...

Josh used to deer hunt, when we lived in a house :),poor guy killed Bambi and never went again.

Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

This makes me happy. You are not alone. My dad is not a hunter. But my husband, my father-in-law and my uncle (who is like a father to me) are VERY into all things hunting. I spent the last week in my hometown with my family and I heard more about dove, deer, duck, etc. hunting and my uncles new bow and all of my husbands ideas for this season. I will have to admit, that I am into deer hunting myself, but I can't get into bird hunting. BUT I feel your pain. It's all they talk about. :)