Friday, October 1, 2010

girl's guide to hunting season

Y'all we are in the midst of hunting season and in honor of such a season I felt called to compile a list of things I learned while being married to a husband who lives for this time of year.  My dad did not hunt, so this was a whole new crazy world to me.  But hubs is so proud because I am catching on and we can now sit around discussing how wonderful hunting season is and all our favorite things about hunting.

Oh I kid because he knows if he starts trying to talk hunting too me, then I talk Lifetime to him.

If you have no idea of what I am talking about, then I am a tiny bit envious of you.  So, here we know you're married to a hunter when...

1. You can rattle off that dove season begins September 1st, bow season begins October 1st and rifle season is the 1st Saturday in November. 

2. You know you'll get laughed at each time you ask "did you catch something" and immediately told "you don't catch things you shoot them".

3. The sight of deer and dove meat no longer make you gag when you open up your freezer.

4. You get opinionated on the style of camo your husband chooses from Cabela's and find yourself saying "this one looks trendier".

5.  You ask on a recent trip to Academy why this aisle smells like death and get a response of "oh that's the bottled deer urine" and you don't pass out.

6.  You can't walk around your car in the garage because new deer feeders that need to be taken to the ranch and haven't are blocking your way.

7.  You look out your backyard and hubs is practicing bow hunting with a target.  Our poor neighbors.

8. After 5 years you still refuse to eat the meat because you have a solid rule that you refuse to eat items that have ridden in the back of his truck.

Are you jealous yet?


Melissa said...

I can totally relate! My husband lives for hunting season too! And I'm like you, my dad never hunted so this was a whole new thing for me when I met him.

Mama Dew said...

you are my new BFF! My Mr is OBSESSED and has bought all new camo for this season and now that we have a house has been practicing outside with targets too. gee whiz! too bad we can't get together during these long hunting months and drink wine to forget the grossness that is hunting season! oh thank god it's only once a year!

Mama Dew said...

oh and to add to your list, you know you're married to a hunter when you have allowed 2 deer heads to be mounted in your basement and have actually tried {and taken a liking to} the meat. yes i did just say that.

Mama Dew said...

oh and another, LOL. You post pics of his latest "victim" on your blog and are proud. i did that last year. yes i did.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I briefly dated a hunter. Needless to say we dated from March - Sept. When hunting season started...we stopped. Guess I should have been hurt that I was dumped for deer...but I think it was a blessing in disguise!

Love your follower here! :)

flip flops on lex said...

Haha. Love this.

MegMac said...

YES!! This sounds like my life! I grew up in NYC so this is a totally new world for me, even after 2 years! Seriously, getting up at 3:30am to strip to your undies on the back deck in the freezing cold and put on clothes that have sat outside all night does NOT sound like fun to me! The good part is, once he's out in the woods for the morning I spread out and take up the entire bed! :) Good luck to all you ladies this hunting season!

Happiness Is... said...

The husband loves all things hunting, too, and it makes me sad to think of animals being killed. Living in the South I am used to it, but still.