Wednesday, September 29, 2010

on a decorating hunt

I'm a girl on a mission.  I'm wanting to change what's on my dining room table and I have this vision in my head that I think will be perfect.  The only problem is I'm having trouble locating the two main pieces.  Dear bloggy friends I'm desperately hoping you'll be able to help because this girl has googled high and low, been to every craft store, home depot, lowes you name it and cannot find what I'm looking for. 

I'm hunting for two cheap roman styled urns that look like they're made out of ceramic, but not.  It doesn't matter what color they're in and they need to be about a foot or so tall.  I found a picture of the style I'm after to give you a visual, it's just a little more than I want to spend.  Does anyone have any ideas on where I might be able to find something like this; preferably online? 

image via

Thanks sweet bloggy friends for the help!


Molly said...

Home Depot, Lowes or Craigslist. How big? I might have a couple. (I buy 2 a year for my Christmas Decor). Let me know :)

Molly said...

oops, guess you already tried 2 of my ideas. Also, or ebay. Good Luck
~ Molly