Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dear abby

One of the most awesome things about having a blog is that y'all never fail at handing out the best advice...so I thought I'd throw a few questions you're way because I desperately need your advice/input on some totally random and unimportant things.

1. My Territorial Pug...oh my heavens this dog is in a peeing on the carpet kind of funk.  We have some construction going on around us so I know that has a lot to do with it and also the past few months have been a little too cold for him.  When no one's looking he's walking around and marking his spot wherever he can.  It's not much, just a little at a time so I know it's not that he just has to pee.  It's driving us crazy and my poor bissell is a bit annoyed at having to work so hard to clean it up.  Has anyone had this problem?  Any tips or ideas before I pull out all my hair? ha!

2. Pug's roommate (aka the dryer) is on it's last leg I'm afraid.  I'm thinking if it takes two cycles to dry a towel we may have a problem.  I do love the look of the front load washer and dryers, but I've read so many reviews and had a few friends tell me they are not super happy.  I've also read that you need to keep the washer door open to help it not mildew and since it's in pug's room that's not going to work.  I'm a 100% positive he'd find a way to hop on in and make himself at home if I have to keep it open.  Any advice...should we just go with an energy efficient non front load?

3. What should I make for dinner?  I'm kidding on that last one...maybe!


Kodi said...

Don't do a front loader. Hubs works at Lowe*s & they get frequent complaints.

Erin said...

In the last year or so, my pug has started going potty in the house a lot. (Sorry to sound like a 4 year old. It just seemed more appropriate.) He's been house trained for 9 years, but he's just decided he's too cool for it now. So.. I have no help for you. Just a problem of my own.

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

I wish I had advice to give - I spent so long deciding what to have for dinner tonight that I eventually wasn't that hungry and had a bowl of cereal. Ugh. We had that problem with our old dryer. It took 3 cycles of drying to get a load of towels dry!

flip flops on lex said...

1. Oh pug. Perhaps booting his diva butt outside for a whole day will have him singing a different tune. Kidding! Hope he stops soon.

2. I have absolutely no perspective on this other than the ones where you can hang up clothes look cool. I'm so undomestic.

3. Now I could have potentially helped here but it is Wed morning so what did you end up having?

d.a.r. said...

Don't do a front loader!! We have a front loader flipped up--so it looks like a traditional washer but doesn't have the agitator and has the huge load capacity that most front loaders do. This is the one we have: http://www.whirlpool.com/catalog/product.jsp?src=WASHERS&cat=115&prod=1974

We love it!!

Madison's Mommy said...

Hi! My husband and I live in Dallas and are convinced that PUG needs to meet our 2 crazy Schnauzers!! We are big fans of the Letters from Management and often read them and say...uh huh...we totally know where that's coming from ;-) I am a huge fan of your blog and of Pug too!

Clifford said...

Ok I'm going to share with you what worked for me. It's the grossest thing I ever did but bottom line it worked. Once upon a time I had a cat and a pug having pee wars over my wooden console television. Hmmm can we say this was awhile ago?? It was so bad it was eating a hole in the wood. I tried EVERYTHING to fix the problem and nothing worked. Anyway someone advised me to have the Alpha human in the house - the one the cat and dog listen to when he hollers pee in a spray bottle. This happened to be my husband. So when kitty sprayed and said "my tv" then puggy said "no mine" I spritzed some of my magical formula and said "no MINE". They would approach the tv to leave another pmail comment, smell that the big boss trumped their card and walk away. End of problem. Bizarre , gross, but effective.

Megan Haskins