Wednesday, August 25, 2010

back to school (thankfully not anymore)

This week is back-to-school for all the kiddos in the neighborhood and I'm sure for so many other schools too.  I can honestly say that I am not envious at all.  Nope you could not pay me enough to hop back on that big yella fella and start a new school year.

This back-to-school time of year always brings back bittersweet memories for me.  I was a shy girl that dreaded change of any kind so the end of August was never the highlight of my year.  It came with much dread and many tummy aches, but despite that this time also holds some of my fondest memories growing up.  My mom always knew how hard the transition was so as distraction she always had a super fun day planned for just her and I.  For 12 years she made sure this day was not forgotten and oh how I love her for that.  It usually just involved shopping for a new outfit for the next day, lunch at a girly restaurant, maybe a pedicure or a movie.  I may not miss the school part, but I do miss those special days.

I hope one day to get to do that with our kiddos; I think it's a fun tradition.  Do y'all have any fun back-to-school memories/traditions.

P.S. I wonder if I can still convince her of a back-to-school day for a new outfit?


Melissa said...

I definitely miss all the back to school shopping!!

Brittany said...

I so want a new back to school outfit! That was the best. And I miss the cheese first day of school pictures...all the way to senior year! haha! A tradition I will DEFINITELY be doing with my kids. haha!

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

I'm with you...not envious at all of those kiddos going back to school. Not. one. bit. I was a super nerd in middle school so everyday for two weeks leading up to the start of school I would be full of anxiety...ugh I do not miss middle school. Yuck!

Elle said...

In late August I still get that back to school itch. I love being done school but I still miss it at this time of the year. School supply shopping is still one of my favourite activities. I can't wait to do the back to school thing with my know, when I get married and have kids.

Happiness Is... said...

So glad to be DONE with school FOREVER. I can't imagine having to study - blah!