Tuesday, May 11, 2010

true confessions

This sweet blogger posted a fun little confessions list on her blog and I'd thought I'd copy her idea because, well my days spent doing a major cleaning on my house has been rather uneventful.

1. Boy turns 28 Thursday and the fact that in 2 years he will be 30 makes me nervous.

2.  What makes me even more nervous is that in 9 days I turn 26 and that means I'm over half way to 30.  We're getting old.

3. Speaking of birthdays...I do not like being sung to at restaurants especially the ones that make you do something stupid.  A roomful of strangers staring at me while I flap my my arms and turn red.  No thank you,  I'll buy my own dessert.

4. I love strawberry snow cones.  We've made an embarrassing number of trips to the local snow cone stand already this year. 

5. The show Private Practice annoys me because I have yet to see a one stop shop practice where you can have a baby then go to a therapy session without leaving the office, but yet I still seem to watch it.

6. I bought Full House on DVD recently and am discovering that everything I learned, I learned from Full House episodes.  I heart that show.

7. Okay, that last ones an over exaggeration.

8. Speaking of confessions, I grew up Catholic and when I was in the 3rd grade our class had to go to confession with the priest.  I was so intimidated and couldn't think of anything so I told him I pushed my brother.  I did not have a brother, but he never knew.

9. I'm a stickler for thank you notes or even a quick thank you e-mail. 

10.  I really want to be a mom.  One day.


Marissa said...

I will be 26 in September, crazy how close 30 is!

Whitney said...

We're all on the downhill side to 30! Ha! I've been reminding myself of that since I turned 26! I looove Private Practice and desperately wish someone would have one like that in Memphis - complete with Taye Diggs as the GP. Plus, I am completely in love with Addison's wardrobe. I sit there and drool everytime!
Love that you posted your confessions! It's fun to get them off your chest, huh?!

Rebecca Jo said...

When I turned 25, I dreaded for 5 years turning 30... now, I'm 38 & would give anything to be 30 again.. its not as bad as you think! ;)

I love Private Practice but totally agree... they even have their own stocked kitchen... they never have to leave that building! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

I so want you to send me a snow cone. We don't have those stands around here. We are deprived!!

Heart Full House. Another reason why I love you, haha!

And you know my thoughts on turning 26, ha!!

d.a.r. said...

I have heard Private Practice is awesome...maybe I need to start watching!!

And I freakin' love that you lied during confession, haha!

Nishant said...

I am completely in love with Addison's wardrobe.
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