Tuesday, September 15, 2009

some reality talk

Y'all are too funny on the cuban sandwich. I'm more than happy to pass over the recipe, but I should worn it's nothing fancy. Traditionally a cuban sandwich has some shredded pork roast on it, but as you can tell from my previous post picture mine didn't. I cheated because that would require me to actually plan a meal hours before dinner and additional dishes. Just as fabulous without it though.
- A loaf of fresh french bread
- thinly sliced deli ham
- provolone cheese (for boy)
- sandwich slicer pickles- not the hamburger ones
- mustard- i use a honey mustard

Cut up the bread into serving slices, then top with mustard, pickles, ham and cheese. Spray down a skillet with cooking spray and place sandwiches in on medium heat. I then wrap an additional pan in foil, weigh it down with a heavy bowl and place on top of sandwiches. Or if you're fancy and have a panini press use that. Just be sure to smash the sandwich down to half it's original size. Flip until sides are toasted and cheese is melted. See easy peasy!

And hooray for Jordan winning Big Brother! Well, now my Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are free! What next? Boy and I were talking about realtity competition shows and if we'd ever try-out for one. I always wanted to do Big Brother, but only back when they did Peanut Butter & Jelly instead of slop. I'd probably be so homesick I'd cry my way through it. Boy would love to do Big Brother or Wipeout. I wonder if BB would take a fun loving married couple and a pug :-)

What reality competition show would you do? Or better yet have any of y'all tried out for one?


Lauren Kelly said...

I would so love to do the Amazing Race!! :)

Whitney said...

I want to be on Big Brother. I could win it for sure.
I've been trying to convince my momma to do Amazing Race - I don't know if that show could handle us! Ha! Please tell Boy not to try out for Wipeout. People can break their neck on that show! Ha!

Rebecca Jo said...

I was YELLING when Jordan won the final competition!!!! GO GIRL!!! Still love Jeff to pieces on that show.

I'd do Big Brother... Survivor, umm... too hard!

flip flops on lex said...

I'd be on So You Think You Can Dance (I'd really have to get in shape though!) or something like What Not to Wear (for the free clothes!)

Aubs said...

Soooo excited that Jordan won last night!! I would LOVE to do Big Brother....and like you i probably wouldn't do all that well but i would sure have fun trying!! Let's apply! ha!