Monday, September 14, 2009

a recipe to a perfect weekend

~ a handful of nothing on the calendar
~ a heaping of rain outside
~ a dash of no make-up on
~ fold in a cuddly blanket & pug to keep you warm
~ toss in a few good books
~ whisk in a delicious cuban sandwich made with love

~ and a dash of some Big Brother and Design Star Finale



Heather said...

ok, gonna need the recipe on the cuban sandwich. those look delish!

Carrie said...

sounds great I can't wait to see who wins on Big Brother and I was pleased with the winner of Design Star.

What books you reading?

flip flops on lex said...

What's in a Cuban sandwich?

Stephie said...

I love your blog! I read it all the time. I have a pug as well and they seem to be on the same management meetings. I also love Big Brother! I hope Jordan wins! I just thought I would say that I love your blog.
p.s. the sandwich look delish to!

Marissa said...

What a great weekend!!

Rebecca Jo said...

is that something GREEN on that sandwich? Peppers?


Lauren Kelly said...

yum, yum....sounds perfect!!!

Whitney said...

That is perfection! And for Lord's sakes - post the recipe for that!

Allikaye's Mama said...

yes...recipe please!
And Big brother finale tonight!!!
Who's gonna win?!
I guess I want Jordan...I would be kinda okay with Kevin...but definitely not Natalie!!!

sandra said...

what did i go get myself after reading this post? a cuban sandwich for lunch, of course. was so yummy! thanks for the inspiration lol