Thursday, July 23, 2009

oogly googly

If you do not have Google Analytics hooked up to your blog...please do. It does lots of fancy stuff like track what country people visit your blog from yada yada, but the feature that I most enjoy is it shows the keywords people have searched to land on your blog.

It's pure entertainment folks.

Every so often I remember I have it and log in to get a laugh or two. I thought today I would share my most recent finds.

1. "Where is Suzanne Whang?" - it's coming from this random post I did sometime back, but I am very relieved to know that other people are just as concerned about the well being of HGTV's House Hunters as myself. People searching this please fill me in if you find an answer.

2. "Addicted to Sonic Tea"- I feel for you. That Sonic is very powerful stuff and I hope you find a support group to help you through those "Happy Hours".

3. "Does Sonic Happy Hour include banana splits?"- I don't know...not much of a banana split fan...but do I really talk about Sonic that much?

4. "How to tell if my pug is a boy or a girl?" I can't even begin to tell you how often this one pops up. First pick it up, turn it over...if it has a wee wee congratulations you've got a boy!

5. "Pug bad hair day"- I guess pug is fortunate to not have this problem, but maybe try a hat.

6. "Pug Botox"- REALLY? Please don't...the wrinkles are what make them so stinkin' cute.

And that concludes a few of the googles.

**UPDATE**: A few of you have asked about setting it up. I know it's kind of tricky (and this is just for blogger) so I hope this helps...once you create an account with google analytics you'll see a long funky looking "tracking code" that you need to copy.
Once you do that-
1. Go to the dashboard on your blogger page and click "Layout"
2. Under "Layout" click "Edit HTML"
3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of all that html coding and at the very end you'll see < / body >
4. Paste the "tracking code" right above < / body > and click "save".


Heather said...

I tried to get google analytics a while back but I wasn't sure where to put it on my blog. Help please!!

Jeni said...

HAHA! Oh my gosh, that is too funny! :)

Allikaye's Mama said...

Okay - those are funny! I want to play! But I can not figure out where on my blog I put the code?? Help!!

Marie said...

Wow. The "How can I tell if my pug is a boy or a girl?" is awesome.

Whitney said...

Someone googled "pug fabric" yesterday and found my blog! Ha!

Lauren Kelly said...

How funny!!!!

{Courtney} said...

I have done this too and have found the most RANDOM stuff as well! It really is sooo funny. I wrote a random post about the movie "He's just not that into you" and have found keywords of people that have boyfriends stringing them along. Its really sad! Like, "he says he doesn't want anything serious" or "he wants to take it slow" and they are on my blog about stationery. So sad!! :)