Wednesday, January 21, 2009

how about some randomness

1. "Lost" starts tonight. I am very excited. We always thought that show looks so stupid and then after someone convinced us to rent it we got hooked after the first episode. So go rent it if you haven't seen it yet.

2. There was a large box of tampons in my yard today when I woke up. I'm not going to lie it makes me very uncomfortable to be typing the word tampon on my blog despite the fact that I'm a girl. But, yes there it was with some of the neighbors other trash that had floated to our yard. Just like some big piece of yard art. I was tempted to take a picture for you, but lets face it that could raise some concern with the homeowner's association. People might start to wonder about the girl in her pj's taking pictures of tampon boxes in her yard...oh and my hair was an awful sight as well. Thankfully, I quickly removed it and fixed my hair to eliminate any further embarrassment.

3. It's 72 today and my windows are open. Oh how I love when we get little bits of spring in January.

4. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on this blog post. I have to admit that I get those waves of anxiety about it. I know there are worst things and I am very blessed to be facing such a minor obstacle. I was talking to a very wise and sweet friend of mine. I have never heard this phrase used like this before but she told me to "take the lazy way out". She said just hand it all over to God. I have done absolutely everything I can and the rest is not up to me so I'm passing it on to Him. Oh friends what a huge relief that simple advice has been. God's plan is so much better than my own. So, I'm being lazy and it feels great. Won't you join me today?


Whitney said...

Everyone is feeling random today! Love it!
I am dying about the tampons - and that you didn't want to type that! HA! At least they weren't used!!!!!!

yankee mama said...

Hey you! I should've opened my windows too....maybe I will right now!

Tampons in the front yard now that is interesting!:)

Hey why didn't I ever get a onesie? I am TOTALLY KIDDING!!!!! I couldn't resist! Sorry to hear about your whole work situation! God will provide and continue to bless your buisness i'm sure of it!

I have been reading your bachelor posts but haven't had a chance to comment...and I totally agree with everything...

What is your stores web address?

Blessings girly!

Jessica said...

I'm laughing over the "yard art"! Enjoy watching Lost tonight. : )

Lee said...

I got over lost, sadly.
It got too complicated for me to keep up with.

Lauren Kelly said...

Just stopping by to say hello. Came across your page at Kelly's Korner. Looking forward to keeping up with yoru blog :) :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, lets go do it, lets go retire to MIAMI and we'll be singing the theme song all the way there, haha!!!!!!!!!

Scrapper Mom said...

I think I'd rather have the box of tampons than the beer bottles that get thrown in our yard.

And 72 degrees? I'm jealous. At least it got up to 50 something here today. Better than 30!

Tam said...

i found a used tampon applicator in my side yard last year...and it wasnt one of ours. i posted it on my blog. i thought it was funny and random. my "spirituality" came into question over it. oops.

and im lazy with you :D