Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a rather long post

Okay so I kind of fell of the blog bandwagon for a week. It's been a couple of crazy days and today friends it has seriously felt like Tuesday and yesterday felt like Monday. So I'm really off this week.

This morning after running errands I stopped off at the grocery store (nothing more thrilling than the grocery store-ha) and witnessed a lady drop a HUGE bag of dog food that spilled everywhere. My heart broke for this lady that was so embarrassed because there is seriously a lot of kibble in those bags and for a second we all feared we would be swimming in it's foulness. Pug was disappointed he missed it.

Okay blogging friends pull out your recipe books I need some of your brilliant culinary assistance. We have some dear and precious friends that have the sweetest little 3 year old you ever did meet. That sweet little one is recovering in the hospital from brain surgery (the Lord is really putting His healing hands upon him). Here's my dilemma I'm trying to load them up to be good on meals for a while and have exhausted my cookbooks. I've got a great Italian dish that is usually my go to on bringing a family a meal, but I'm struggling to find others that are freezer friendly and most importantly kid friendly. That's the kicker. If you don't mind sharing your go to meal I'd be ever so grateful. You can post it in a comment or feel free to e-mail me aboyagirlandapug [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks friends!

Also, Whitney (who I just found out loves "Lipstick Jungle" too!!) so graciously honored me with the cutest bloggy award.

I'm so going to start walking pug in my stilettos!!

Anyway, the rules are that I have to share 5 of my addictions and pass this fabulous award onto 5 bloggy friends. So here goes...

5 Addictions:
1. Falling asleep to the t.v. on. (I accidentally left on a scary Lifetime movie that freaked my dreams out last night-not a good idea)
2. Dr. Pepper in a Styrofoam cup w/ straw- preferably Happy Hour from Sonic
3. My hubby- he's my BFF!
4. Gum- I love to chew gum!
5. "The Office"- it doesn't get any funnier.

I'm passing this award onto 5 bloggy friends (I hate picking just 5): UPDATE: forgive me my links button on blogger is acting up. You'll have to remove my url to get it working...sorry.
1. Heather @ Life as we know it- she has 3 of the cutest kiddos I've ever seen and always has some wonderful inspiration to share. I adore her blog!
2. Marie @ Flip Flops of Lexington- she's actually my cousin who recently moved from California to New York City. She's a brilliant writer and I love reading of her exciting city life adventures.
3. Heather @ Life at Sonic Speed- anyone who has a Sonic cup picture on their blog is a great friend of mine. I love reading her blog... oh and she has just been blessed with baby #2 on the way.
4. Page @ My Life- besides being so sweet she's got too of the cutest pugs you ever did see. It's so fun to get to read of other people's pug stories!
5. Erin @ My Own Little Corner- I love reading her blog...she has some great stories of her pug too. Her pug seems much calmer though. She also is super talented in the cake decorating.

UPDATE: forgive me my links button on blogger is acting up. You'll have to remove my url to get it working...sorry.


Natalie said...

Enchiladas are really easy to for freezing -- freeze before cooking. You can use any recipe really, I like to cook the chicken in the crock pot overnight so that it's super soft!

Whitney said...

Are you not ADDICTED to Lipstick Jungle?!?! OMG - I cannot get enough of it!!!
Such a great post! I'm definitely breaking out the stilettos for walking Ida Claire!
A good dish {and it's super easy} is baked mac n cheese. I will email you the recipe.

Page said...

WHoo hoo! An award! Thanks for thinking of me!

Cosmopolite said...

Well, I'm no good at cooking.
Automatically my mind went to 7-layer cookies, but you want meals.
My best thought was this grilled chicken and vegetable meal we get from the freezer section. It's not home-made. But it's cheap and so delicious. I'll find the name of it.

Here's a site with kid-friendly freezer recipes.

tysdaddy said...

Dr. Pepper, eh? Don't forget to get your free Dr. Pepper coupon this Sunday at the Dr. Pepper website. The makers are fulfilling their promise to give everyone a free drink if Guns N Roses actually delivered their long-long-way-too-long awaited "Chinese Democracy" album. Enjoy!

Heather said...

Thanks girl! How sweet. I passed it on!

Heather said...

Thanks so much for this and I am SO sorry I am just now getting to it!!! I can't wait to post my addictions!