Monday, November 10, 2008

the original pet

Meet "the original" pet Sammy Moses.

Sammy because it was cool at the time.

And Moses...well he's just the coolest Old Testament guy. He parted the sea for crying out loud! So that's where the middle name came from. Oh, and Gwyneth totally must me my BFF now because she took that name from my cat.

So, I went off to college, got married and although I do love that cat I realized I could not afford his lifestyle he'd grown accustomed to. Somewhere amongst that boy bought me pug and I went from dainty cat to obnoxiously noisy dog. I cried that day I realized that pug doesn't just SIT.

Sammy's as loyal and sweet as they come. He's 17 in cat years, lived in 3 different states with us and even stayed a night at The Palmer House in Chicago. He's been a busy feline and is now enjoying the retired life with my parent's who spoil him rotten.

So now when I combine the two pets I have my own real life Milo & Otis. Only if Otis would quit molesting Milo and somehow refrain from eating his food.

I'd love to hear about your childhood tell!


Cosmopolite said...

I used to have a black cat named batcat when I was little. We had to move when I was 5, so she had to stay behind with a friend in Oklahoma. I miss her so much. ): But now I have my precious Tiffany to mend that hole in my heart.

Your cat looks so sweet <3

Carrie said...

OH Sammy looks like my cat Tiger (I know how orginal is that name)that I had growing up! Cute kitty

Whitney said...

I had a mutt named Abby when I was little and until I got Ida Claire, I thought she was just the best dog on the planet. We also had a dachsund named Linksalot, but I called him Sir Linksalot because I was weird.

Aubs said...

I had two cats named Max and Binkers....LOVED them! They had so much personality and were so fun! Binkers ending up dying from urinary complications and Max we ended up having to give away. I'll never forget those two!! =) What a fun post!

fortyb4forty said...

I had a cat that looked just like your Sammy Moses. "He" joined the family when I was 7. A few months later we found out he was a she and was having many many kittens.
We also,had a toy poodle during my growing up years but he did not like me in the least and I don't remember much about him.
My husband and I have two pugs now and they are adorable and highly entertaining.