Monday, May 5, 2008

Some of it just won't go away

I think there might be seriously something wrong with me because I got talked into doing another garage sale. And no your eye's do not deceive you, it was only October since my last one. I know you may be questioning my sanity, but truthfully I don't get high off of staring at my junk all day, or haggling with complete strangers for 8 hours for that matter. The garage sale in October ended after only 2 hours when a downpour hit, so I loaded all my priced junk back in boxes and all the way back into the attic. When my friend suggested doing one together, I was game because staring at other people's junk is loads better. But mainly, my neighborhood was having a big one and on the flyer they said that a charity was coming by at 4 to pick it all up. That thought of dragging my unsold junk to the bottom of the drive way and waving it bye-bye was way more enticing.

The weeks before gave me a chance to do a final clean sweep of my house. I truly hate clutter. If I haven't worn it in years, it goes. Boy unfortunately, does not live by this motto and after forcing him into the closet to face his "clutter demons" he finally got rid of some old clothes. More specifically the Gap shirt his ex-girlfriend gave him. Yeah, that wasn't really an option.

So Friday, night we began the set up. Boy helped for a little bit until he asked why I was selling a pair of pants with the tags on them.

"Why are you selling a pair of $50 pants for $5?"
"Because I'm not a size 4 anymore. Thank you for bringing that up!!!!"

And I think that was when he scurried, very quickly, back into the house.

And that morning, bright and early, we sat and stared at each other's old junk till our little hearts content. All in all it was a great success (even though the charity never came), but it was really just more fun getting to hang with my sweet friend, eating Sonic, catching some sun and laughing at are old wardrobes!


Page said...

I'm like you, I hate clutter. I get rid of stuff really soon but haven't given up on the fact that I may, on day, fit back into my college jeans. One day.

Allikaye's Mama said...

I've only had one garage sale - last fall - and thought it was fun! Hanging out all day - waiting for the most random people to buy your random stuff! I was shocked that there were people waiting at our house for the sale to start! Needless to say, our junk wasn't that exciting!! Ha!

Anonymous said...

When my wife goes through our treasure chest of trash for a sale, I usually end up seeing something I've been looking for for months sitting there on sale for mere pennies.

"Where did you find THAT!?"

Hipmomofboyz said...

I hate clutter... Just think garage sales can be fun, right?

Tam said...

I'm a minimalist so i don't mind having a garage sale at all. But nothings worse than making $18.50 for 6 hours of sitting and spending 20 bucks on lunch. hmmm...just doesn't add up sometimes!

Audrey said...

Oh my gosh, I so love shopping garage sales. I've never in my life held one, but I love to shop them. I found you through Melanie's blog. You should see my kids scurry when I announce it's time to declutter.