Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tales from the Vet and Garage Sale Highlights

Hey look Michael Jackson's coat showed up at the garage sale. Anyone up for a rendition of "Thriller"

I'm still alive and kickin'. I had no intention of abandoning the blog this week...but life hits hard sometimes. It's just been one of those weeks which would include choking on a piece of halloween candy (yes a grown woman who apparently cannot handle a small jawbreaker), getting locked out of the house, a quick last minute trip out of town, the vet and then last but not least the garage sale.

Friday I had to rush out the door with the pug to get him to a vet appointment. This is a new vet; much closer to home. I loved his old vet, but got really tired of them staring at the word "sucker" on my forehead all the time. They could talk me into anything by making me feel like a poor dog owner.

Pug loves the vet. He actually loves going anywhere, but especially the vet.

Before I could even open the door, he was running in. The door kicked back a little bit due to his scampering and the next thing I know 3 vet nurses are running to the door to make sure the pug that is crying hysiterically because the door hit him is okay. Wow what a dog mama impression I can make, I'm sure they think really highly of me.

"Hi, I'm pug's mom I slam him in doors, not to mention he is over a month late on his shots because I lazy!"

Needless to say he was a mess the whole time. I always cringe at misbehaving toddlers and here I am with my dog I can't control. I do not think I will make a good mom. In the visit the vet stated that you would not have known he graduated from puppy school and that this is one stubborn dog. No kidding...stubborn is his middle name.

We left with an enrollment in our second puppy school and a bank account with $200 less because pug is getting an ear infection. So now not only do we have to repeat puppy school, we may be living on the streets if this dog keeps it up anymore.

$75 to repeat puppy school
$125 shots and meds and exam
Feeling like you failed as dog momma...priceless.

Oh and I cannot forget to mention the garage sale highlights.
I'm always shocked at what sells right away and what stays, for instance...
- I so wish I got a picture of it, but our quesadilla maker went before I could even get the garage door up. I was like your kidding right? Someone is probably serving up some mean quesadillas for dinner. Why I got rid of it you ask? It's a pain to clean and took up too much room.
- Okay check this out. A zebra skirt. Was once in style, now I'm not so sure. I just sort I think I 've got too much animal print in the closet at the moment. No one bought it though??

And then it I cleaned up. All and all a successful garage sale.


Tam said...

Garage sales make me laugh! But I love them. Every time we have one - you know we're real short on money...cause everything's out there...beds, coffee tables, kids, the Jeep...whatever might sale to help the checkbook!

Heather said...

that's why we have pet insurance with our yorkie! Vet visits no longer drain us.

Lets do talk survivor ... can you believe that? However, she wasn't really teaming with the stronger players. She did make a lasting impression though. I wish she had made it longer!

V said...

Wow...the zebra skirt is :0)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Funny...Pug and our dog, Milton should talk. I'm lazy too, and he's 2 months late in getting his shots!

mandy said...

GREAT finds!

Izellah said...

Well said.