Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Here I have been moaning and groaning the last few days about our second attempt at pug's obedience school when I got knocked upside the head with my own level of obedience to my rightful owner...God.

I started a new devotional. It's a really cool format and today asked us on a scale of 1 to 10 how obedient to God are we?

Oh ouch! Of course we always want to shout out 10! 10! nothing less, but sadly that is not MY truthful answer.

You see I have control issues.

I have a horrible problem of letting go and letting God (as the saying goes).

Today I would have to admit I was a lousy 4 maybe even a 3 1/2. All I did was rush through my day without stopping to listen. What did He want me to learn from today? How did He want me to react to the situations I faced? I never got to hear his opinion because I made them on my own. Oh it's tough.

He's such an amazing God though, because only He can forgive us for our weak days. The mistakes we've made can be learned from and a new day brings a fresh start to try it again. That's some serious grace my friends.

You don't have to answer/comment out loud if you don't want to, but how would you rate your obedience today? Think about it, get real with it and then pray about it.


Tam said...

Well I'm all out there so I'll rate me...Today? a 5. Way up from yesterday's 1.2! It's a constant fluctuating journey for me... I hate admitting that...

V said...

Slow down! That's my best advice. I am in the process of slowing down my life... weeding out the things that don't mean much to me, making less commitments, and it's working. I have been able to fit in my daily bible study and prayer time almost 75% of the time. Yeah, I know. That still stinks. It should be 100% of the time. But, hey, I am a work in progress.