Sunday, May 18, 2008

Because it's not a practical idea

Have you noticed that I'm suffering from some serious blogger's block? I think of things to tell y'all as I'm out and about but then sit down to write and all I get is the sound of loud cricket's chirping. It's getting kind of annoying.

But y'all know what's really annoying...the gas prices. Sorry you're probably feed up with the gas price talks, but stay with me I've got a real winner of a solution for transportation below. I can't complain too much because our Texas gas prices are not as outrageous as some parts of the country and truthfully we pay what $10-$15 bucks more, but that doesn't help the tears from flowing as that total soars. Each time I put the cap back on, get my receipt and grumble as I get in my seat I scream, "We are so getting a hybrid!!". And then the light bulb went off yesterday as I pulled out of the gas station. What's even better than a hybrid? A golf cart! And better than any old golf cart...a pimped out golf cart. And you better believe that they do make them because I found this site.

Check it out! We can save money on gas and look cool all at the same time. Now the hard top would be a must with the rain and hail, but I'm loving the AM/FM radio feature. Does it come with cup holders though?

Now I need to probably go ahead and add a disclaimer that no we will not be trading in our vehicle for one of these very fancy golf carts. I thought I should probably go ahead and add something before someone comments reminding me they are not legal on highways. But the real issue would be that in the event of a fender bender the newspaper headline would read "Today a girl in her golf cart that was just trying to save money and look stylish at the same time was plowed over by Dodge Neon".

So happy Monday and maybe the golf cart image will give you a laugh next time the gas price total says: "Hand over kidney".


Heather said...

Gas prices STINK! it's terrible however jeremy read something that by the end of the year they should be back under $3 ... crazy that that makes me excited!

Love the golfcart just remember it would take you a sweet forever to get anywhere! But a cool vehicle/cart nontheless!

Erin said...

I've always wanted to drive around in a golf cart. :)
And as for blogger's block? Me too.

Carrie said...

I love riding around on golf carts they are too cool. I am very glad my VW bug is so good on gas.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Ha! That did make me laugh! Those things don't go fast enough for my liking! Hey - you should do the fill in the blank thingy I did on my blog! It helped with blogger block! So have been officially tagged! hhehehehe

Tam said...

you crack me up! thanks for the humorous image. it's 4 bucks here finally. its all so ridiculous!

i need to become Amish! that'll solve everything!