Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Pug with Many Nicknames

Ahh another post about the pug.


I've just got nothin' over here. It's either that or me blog about the wire that popped out of my bra and nearly poked my eye out today.

That's Victoria's Secret: Poor wire construction.

So here's the pug.

I thought I shared with you some of pug's infamous nicknames today. Truthfully I will probably never post his real name because it sort of rolls with our last name and I'm more concerned about that being plastered for the world to see. But really we call him more by his nicknames so it's all good.

1. Dora the Puggy Explorer- sort of self explainatory. He's EXTREMELY curious so when he goes on his little sniffing adventures we shout this out to him.
2. Bubbins- Not just Bubba, Bubbins. It's got sort of a southern twang too it. This is really his most popular and I have to be careful not to shout this out on walks or at the dog park for fear people think wes is unclassy.
3. Snortin' Nortin- He snorts, not super bad but sometimes it's like an old man.
4. Dwight Pugrute- Question-Why is he refered to as an "Office" character? Fact: We love the show and he is just as stubborn as Dwight.
5. Bob Barker- Sadly, he wants to be tough and protective, but with that sweet little face people have no fear when he barks.
6. Little Bears- This is he's sweet name usually said when I have to WAKE him up in the morning and would not be complete without me saying it in baby talk.

So that was fun and sad all at the same time.

*****And if you are super bored and have an extra hundred dollars lying around you could be the proud bidder of Micheal's christmas card with Carol or maybe Pam's cardigan. Go here: Sorry my linky thingy isn't working tonight. I miss the "Office" a little too much.


Kelly said...

We have about 20 names that we call our dog. We laugh all the time about how we call him so many different nicknames. ha!

Shelly said...

LOL! I have a friend that calls their pug Snortin Norton too!

And out for those flailing wires!

Tam said...

It's no fair how funny you are! Can I have some of your funny??!!

Speaking of bra malfunctions...My friends water bra sprung a the jury box...during the trial!!! Judge, recess PLEASE!!!!

Waylon & Willie said...

WE love your blog - we are making cake balls today! (saw it in an older post)

We got the 1st season of The Office for Xmas... it is already worn out.

I think all dog owners have at least 20 nicknames for their dogs... sometimes I say them in front of people who do not know us that well and I get strange reactions.

Erin said...

I've always been a little too ashamed to post my pug's nicknames. It's nice to have yours out in the open. It gives me courage.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love your nicknames!

one of our's for Milton is Mia Max...weird.

By the way...I had a pair of baseball Keds too!!!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

What a good post idea! ha!! We have so many Pug nick names here too... LOL to Snortin Nortin!

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