Sunday, October 28, 2007

Photoshop anyone?

Hey y'all!

I need a little help/advice from my blogging girlfriends. I'm scouting out Photoshop programs for a mac and need your imput. If you have photoshop or know even about it (cause see I know diddly squat), it would be so fantastic if you'd comment. I know the ones that you would need to refinance your home are good, but I just want something to do photo editing and some graphic stuff.

Thank you so much!!


inworship said...

Do you want Photoshop or are you willing to look to an equivalent. If you want Photoshop, plan on taking out the second mortgage. There are no watered down version of it, so it's kind of all or nothing.

There are other programs out there that do some amazing things.

If you want a software that works with photos only (no graphics), check out Apple's Aperture.. Great photo editing software...runs $299

If you need some graphics capability, Photoshop is the best option.

Kelly said...

I use photoshop at work - but we don't have it at home because it's expensive.
We downloaded picassa which is free. It's not near as good as photoshop but it does let you do some photo editing for free - it's a start.