Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a costumeless pug

Pug is rather joyous.

I think he's realized he will not be stuffed into a costume this year and paraded around.

Last year he participated in a Puppy Parade as a giraffe. My parent's live in a small town so I thought it'd be cute to take him to the square and endulge ourselves with all the other crazy pet owners...and surely he'd win. Just look at that sweet face. How can one not win with bug eyes like that? But he did not win. Did not even take third place. In fact he lost to a lab that was dressed as a cow with a blown up latex glove attached underneath him. Leaving the parade I suddenly had visions of me becoming one of those "pageant moms" forcing faux lashes on our first born.

So we did not participate this year.

I had thought about it though and found a hilarious golfer costume at Target for $10 bucks. I searched every Target and could not find it. It even had little golf clubs. He would have been Pugger Vance.

Oh well, he will just enjoy greeting all the tricker-treaters at the door. Maybe I'll put a tie on him and he can go as Dwight from "The Office".

And speaking of tricker treaters, I'm probably going to have to attach a warning sign on the door letting them know in advance that because I cannot eat candy. I'm going to make everyone else miserable and hand out the narly stuff like pixey sticks. Hey sorry I have to otherwise it's too tempting. Sorry tricker treaters.


Tam said...

Pixey Stix? The sugar filled rolls of paper? MMMMMMM!

Dwight from the Office..that is hysterical!

You kill me!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Pug doesn't need a costume...he's so adorable! Although, I would have LOVED to see him in a golfer outfit!

Erin said...

Good for your pug, but mine was stuffed into a costume anyway!
He didn't win either...