Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yes ma'am we are rejuvenated!

I'm refreshed and rearing to go. There is nothing better for the body than just getting away from the day to day routine. We're simple people just visiting with good friends over a great meal or visiting with family does the soul good.

We began the week off at the lakehouse hanging out on the boat then sitting out by the water with a book. There just isn't anything better and oh how I wished I could have taken a few pictures to proof my relaxation (and black suit) but I left the memory card at home. Bummer huh?

Then we head further south to visit boy's family. Boy's sister was there to visit also and when we all are there...let the games begin. We played endless hours of cards and cranium while laughing up a storm. What a blast!

From there we headed to boy's grandmothers home a further driver out. This was our first visit out there since boy's grandfather's funeral. It always breaks my heart to have to witness lives moving on after the passing of a loved one. She is doing wonderful though, and we sat around praising God for the wonderful memories we were able to share with him.

Last but not least we celebrated are 2nd anniversary Monday. Boy and I promised not to do anything big, just a fun dinner, but the little sneak once again surprised me. He loaded the car with pug and a suitcase and we headed out to drop pug off at a sleepover with are dearest cousins/friends and headed over to a night at the Westin at Stonebriar. It was just a short distance from our home, but wow it felt like a thousand miles it was so peaceful. We swam in the pool, ordered room service and a movie. What a great memory!

And so now I must tend to the laundry and the empty pantry that is staring me down. Pug had a blast visiting all these new and different homes to explore, but he is dog tired now. I'm so looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs too!

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Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love that flat screen at the Westin! How fun!