Sunday, August 12, 2007

She did not wear an itsy witsy tiney winey yellow polka dot bikini!

Boy actually has a week off...hooray! We've decided to use the week basking in the sun at the lake house. Lots of peace and quiet and well deserved boating fun will be the game plan. Today I began a little packing and noticed that I really need to get a one piece swimsuit for water skiing. The past few times I've almost lost my bottoms when hitting the water, luckily I grabbed my drawers in time but oh the thought of getting in a boat without pants makes me have an anxiety attack. So, I needed a one piece.

It only took be 3 stores before I found a place that had a few bathing suit choices left. This is another blog in itself, but what is with the sweaters in August? It's a 100 degrees out at least. No one is buying turtle necks. Get with it Gap.

I found a rack with a few ugly ones and picked through reminding myself this is not a fashion show and who cares. I grabbed my selections and headed to the dressing room. You know you don't have your teenage body anymore when you're jumping around trying to get into a spandex nightmare and sweating at the same time. I finally found one that would do the job and so I headed out to put the discard pile up quickly.

It's an ugly black thing, but get this $19.00. Yes ma'am! Originally $68 too. Wow a good deal always make everything better doesn't it? So I checked out and made an oath to myself to never purchase another bathing suit again.


Profbaugh said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm still laughing at this one. Can I relate or what??? Thanks for the late night *grin*.

in sizzling St. Louis

Suzi said...

I hate shopping for a new bathing suit! The fact that I have two boys only adds to the reasons why I hate it:) Can you say GUT! Anyway, this post was too cute!

Shelly said...

LOL!!! never purchase another one again!?? :)

Black is always a good last one piece that I needed was :)