Thursday, August 9, 2007

For which I have been rather mean

Well I figured I should give you all an update on giving up my caffenine addicition. It has been 6 days and 10 hours since my last sweet and delicious sip of Dr. Pepper. I can honestly say that I have not slipped and had one, but I have not been nice either. Folks this is tough work giving up your one vice that made the world a ray a sunshine. I have had pounding headaches for days and let's face it you can only drink so much water and juice boxes in a day to fill the void.

So back to my meanness. The little things that really tick you off with caffeine just about multiply without it. On the way to the lake boy was insistent on talking the whole way and finally I snapped and said "PLEASE turn some music on!". Then on another road outing a women on a cell phone pulled out smack dab in front of us causing every item in the car to shift forward. She had no idea what she did so as we passed her I felt the urge to let her know by giving her the "hey what are you thinking" motion with your arms stretched out to the sides and palms up.

Then this evening at the grocery store around 10 o'clock a woman felt the need to return to the cashier while it was my check out turn and argue with her 3 babies in tow why they charged her a $1 too much. I'm by no means loaded that a $1 isn"t valuable, but is it worth ticking off 10 people standing in line at night? I don't think so. I kept my mouth shut although it took every ounce I had to not run out the doors screaming.

So, there you have it. The journey of girl coming off Dr. Pepper. I do promise for my positivity to return for a more eventful and enlightening post, however, thank you for the vent session. You all are great therapy!


mandy said...

stay strong... you can make it!!!!!
find a happy place and think happy thoughts!

Shelly said...

Girl...You get me clapping. B/c I'm still living in caffeine land! I really am sure Jesus is probably trying to set me free from it, but there are just some other pressing heart issues you know!? lol