Thursday, January 15, 2015

what we've been watching

Since I last left you, we discovered boy had the flu and Declan may or may not have had a milder version.  So, with all the lack of sleep and single parenting I did last week I've begun drafting hate letters to the flu vaccine people insisting they owe me a day at the spa.  I had a few days were my throat would hurt, but nothing as bad as boy.  I'm praising the Lord for that!

We've kept quarantined all of last week and a good portion of this week just to be safe.  We had no place to be and I'm a big believer in sparing others of unnecessary misery.  With that, mama's done a lot of television watching this week and I thought you might like to hear my thoughts on the matter.  So, here's what I've been watching this winter.

"Sherlock"- Boy and I have both been loving this as we binge watch it on Netflix.  Completely addicting and captivating.  We have one episode left and sadly we will finish this up within the next day and then spend the weekend mourning our loss.  It took us a good week after the season finale of Homeland last month, so wish us luck.

"The Fall"-this is a Netflix one and season two comes out tomorrow so hopefully this will distract us.  A very suspenseful show and so well done.  We love a good mystery series.

"Celebrity Apprentice"- I've loved every season of this show.  I won't go into too much episode detail for fear of spoiling it for someone, but I do feel some of my favorites have already been fired.  So we'll see...lots of divas left though.  Anyone else watching, who are you rooting for?

"Parenthood"- this is for sure one of my favorite shows and I am beyond devastated that we are going to have to say goodbye to the Braverman's in just a few weeks.  Why, why must they go??

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"- because why not?  I'm loving Lisa Rinna on this season and I'm sort of obsessed with the train wreck of Brandi's mouth.  Girlfriend needs a filter.

"Parks and Recreation"-I heart Ron!  I'm so going miss this show.  It's going to be easier to say goodbye, though, with Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe already gone (I miss them).

"Serial"-now this was a listen not a watch, but I was addicted and binge listened to this thing the week of Christmas.  So fascinating you must download it on iTunes (it's free by the way).   Can I also say how refreshing it was to turn off the tv and just listen for once...very therapeutic in a way.

Add in a whole lot of HGTV and that sums it about up.  Do share, what's your DVR been up to this winter?


Rebecca Jo said...

Lisa Rhinna is ADORABLE!!!! I love her on the show this year. She's always so happy!!!

Parks & Rec!!!! I can't wait to see why Ron & Leslie are against each other now.. the back story!

mk said...

You guys would love LUTHER if you like The Fall! How creepy is that show, by the way?! Scared the daylights out of me. You have to hurry with LUTHER though because Netflix is dropping all BBC series soon. :(

Hope you are all feeling better!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Serial was fantastic! You might try Invisibilia next. It's more This American Life than Serial was, but it's very smart.

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